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  • Portrait of Carole

    Portrait of Carole

    Portrait of Carole, in charge of the Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and ICU (Emergency and Intensive Cardiology Care Unit) at the Sauvegarde Clinic (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France).
  • Portrait of Laëtitia

    Portrait of Laëtitia

    Discover the portrait of Laëtitia, Nurse in the operating room at the Domont Clinic (France).
  • Portrait of Charlotte

    Portrait of Charlotte

    Portrait of Charlotte, Cardiac rehabilitation nurse at the Jacques Cartier Private Hospital (France).
  • Portrait of Nathalie

    Portrait of Nathalie

    Meeting with Nathalie, a nurse at the SOS Mains centre of the Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne (France).
  • Portrait of Anne

    Portrait of Anne

    Discover the portrait of Anne, operating room nurse at the Hôpital privé Dijon-Bourgogne (France).
  • High blood pressure : a silent danger

    High blood pressure : a silent danger

    Very often, the symptoms are silent, not perceptible without a control examination. Prevention and explanation with a specialist at the Seine Saint-Denis Private Hospital (France).
  • Outpatient colectomy: progress in the service of the patient

    Outpatient colectomy: progress in the service of the patient

    Colectomy is a surgical procedure that consists of removing part of the colon. At the Médipôle Private Hospital (France), a surgeon performed an outpatient colectomy.
  • Portrait of Anne-Charlotte

    Portrait of Anne-Charlotte

    Discover the portrait of Anne-Charlotte, Tobacco Midwife at the Belharra Clinic (France).
  • Portrait of Ulla

    Portrait of Ulla

    Discover the portrait of Ulla, Anaesthesia nurse and specialty responsible for anaesthesia and recovery.
  • Portrait of Hélène

    Portrait of Hélène

    Discover the portrait of Hélène, Mental health nurse at the Yveline Clinic (France).