Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Our manifesto

Key figures (2019)

  • 7 million 7 million

    7 million of patients

  • 20 million 20 million

    20 million of consultations

  • 33 500 33 500

    33 500 births per year

  • 154 154

    154 hospitals and specialised clinics

  • 45 45

    45 services emergency

  • 27 27

    27 facilities FRC

  • 130 130

    130 care centres primary

  • 51 51

    51 mental health facilities

  • 6 6

    6 companies of sanitary transport

  • 36 000 36 000

    36 000 employees

  • 8 600 8 600

    8 600 practitioners

From French company to European leader

After the acquisition of Capio AB Group in 2018, Ramsay Santé has become the leading European provider of comprehensive healthcare services. The group now has 36,000 employees and works with nearly 8,600 private practitioners.

Present in 5 countries, FranceSwedenNorwayDenmark and Italy, the group treats more than 7 million patients per year in its 350 facilities. 

Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical specialties in three business areas: general hospitals (medicine – surgery – obstetric), follow-up care and rehabilitation clinics, mental health. In all its territories, the group contributes to missions of public service and to the territorial sanitary disposal, as for example in Sweden with more than 100 proximity care units.

The quality and security of care is the group’s priority. As such, our group is today a reference in terms of modern medicine, especially in outpatient care and enhanced recovery.

Every year, the group invests more than €200M in innovation whether it is in new surgical or imaging technologies, in building or modernizing its facilities… The group also innovates in its organization and digitalization in order to deliver care in a more efficient way to the benefit of the patient.


Presentation of the Ramsay Santé group.


In 35 years, Ramsay Santé has become the n°1 private hospitalisation provider in France and one of the European leaders in integrated care.

  • 1987 - Creation of Générale de Santé by the Compagnie générale des eaux.
  • 1994 - Birth of Capio, who acquires the Lundby Hospital in Gothenburg (Sweden).
  • 1997 - Capio enters the Norwegian market through the acquisition of the Volvat Group.
  • 1999 - St Göran's Hospital (Stockholm) joins the Capio Group. It is elected in 2017 and 2019, Best hospital in Sweden, category "Small hospital".
  • 2002 - Capio enters the French market with the acquisition of Clininvest.
  • 2010 - The Australian private hospital group Ramsay Health Care creates Ramsay Santé in France by buying 8 clinics with the support of Crédit Agricole.
  • 2015 - Merger of Générale de Santé with Ramsay Santé creating the new Ramsay Générale de Santé group.
  • 2016 - Takeover of the Hôpital Privé Métropole (HPM) group, which makes our group the only private hospital player in the Lille (France) metropolitan area.
  • 2018 - Ramsay Générale de Santé buys Swedish Capio (260 facilities, 16,000 employees) making the new group the European leader in comprehensive care services.
  • 2019 - The new group takes the name of Ramsay Santé.

About Ramsay Health Care

Picture of Paul RamsayRamsay Health Care was founded in 1964 by Paul Ramsay AO, en Australian entrepreneur. Today, Ramsay Health Care has become not only the largest private hospital group in Australia, but also a global hospital group employing over 50,000 people and treating nearly 3 milion patients.

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