Ramsay Santé <br>in France

Ramsay Santé
in France

Ramsay Santé, the leader in private hospitalisation in France

  • French caregiver

    1st private player in orthopaedic, ophtalmologic and cardiac surgery
  • 1st private player in oncology
  • 1st France's player in dialysis
  • 133 hospitals or clinics (more than 200 beds)
  • 1 French out of 9 operated in our facilities
  • 14 facilities Ramsay Santé ranked among the 50 best clinics in France (2019 ranking - Le Point magazine)
  • 1 fleet of imaging equipment (MRI, scanners, PET, gamma cameras, etc) at the cutting edge of innovation


Four activities : Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics (MCO), Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care (SSR), Mental Health and Imaging.

Participation in public health service missions and in the health network of the territory, in particular with the emergency services.

One of the reference in modern medicine, especially in outpatient surgery and improved recovery after surgery (RAAC).

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Our facilities in France

Our facilities in France
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